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From the Wankers behind the scenes..

We believe is the next step in Social Media, making it a more democratic and open system than ever before! It’s a masturbation revolution!

If you've ever thought to yourself "Hmm.. I wonder if X ever thought of me while doing it.." then you've come to the right place! enables you to vote for people you masturbate to. By doing this you give something to them in exchange for all the wonderful times they've given you, you also get to see how many people do it while thinking about you. It's free, it's anonymous, and it's fucking awesome. What's even better is that you can sign up for mutual wank alerts. This means that if said person ever +1s you, BANG! you get a mutual wank alert.

So go ahead, +1 some of those wonderful people and hope that one of them +1s you!

Then there have been times when you meet a delicious personality and are like "Hi, how do you do.." ..mmm.. I'll be thinkin' of you later..(!) But then you forget. Never fear because we'd like to introduce you to our to-'do' list. Yes, that's right, we went ahead and created an organizer for masturbation. Organize your masturbation right away so that you never miss that essential wank, it's what the doctor advised! No more "it's time to fap, hmm.. who should I think of ?". With your to-'do' list, it's all there right in front of you! is all about satisfying that curiosity you’ve always had, helping you get through those blue days with a +1, building bridges between people and talking openly about something that’s always been fun!

Wank you very much!

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