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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will other people, especially on Facebook, be able to know that I am using this website or who I have +1'ed/wanked to?
A: No. The use of this website is absolutely anonymous. Even if you log in with Facebook to be able to enjoy all the available features, this information will not be revealed on your Facebook page, stream or news feed. If you do wish to promote your Wankee profile or any of the pages on you may click on the “share” buttons and post news about us and about you, on any social media website or anywhere you want! But don’t worry, unless you do this, this will be our little secret!

Q: Will other people know that I wanked to them?
A: No. You will add to their Wank-Bank balance but people do not know who has voted for whom. If you have enabled the option for Mutual Wank Alerts, you will be notified by e-mail that the person you wanked to has also wanked to you! No one else will know except both of you, as long as the other person has also activated this option. What you do from then on is up to you and we hope it works out! ;)

Q: How can I be a Wank Star or appear on the Wall of Wanks?
A: By having an active profile on the website, you will be eligible for this. Wank Stars are Top Wanks, Random Wanks and New Wanks – so you can appear here at any time! To be featured on the Wall of Wanks you have to be one of the 10 most wanked to people ever. Quite a challenge, eh? If you’d like to make it there, then we suggest you promote your profile in the right places. Wearing TYW merchandise might also help the cause!

Q: What exactly is a Mutual Wank Alert?
A: A Mutual Wank Alert is an e-mail you will receive when you wank to someone that has also wanked to you. You must have the Mutual Wank Alert option enabled on your profile. If the other person doesn’t have this option active you will still receive an email, but she/he will not. We hope this option will help you break the ice (in a sort of funny and awkward way!) and maybe get somewhere.

Q: How can I create a “To-Do” List?
A: It’s so easy! Click someone’s name on the search box, access their profile and click “Add to My To-Do list”. This way, you “bookmark” people that you want to keep in mind next time you wank. You can add up to 15 people and delete any of them at any time. Once you are done, remember to be polite: go to their profile and “thank” them by adding a +1 to their Wank Bank Balance and, if this possibility is enabled, by leaving a comment about the experience.

Q: How does the comments section on someone’s profile work?
A: Comments on a Wankee profile are by default inactive. You can enable comments by logging into your profile through Facebook. This option can be switched on or off at any time. If after you switch it off you decide to turn it on again, the comments from before will appear on your page again. Once you disable the comments option, the already existing comments will be hidden. Comments on celebrity profiles are always active!

Q: Someone has made an inappropriate comment on my Wankee Profile and I want to delete it but keep my other comments live. How do I do that?
A: Profile owners and other visitors can report inappropriate comments by flagging the comment – this will automatically send a message to the website Admins and if the comment is indeed negative (i.e. violent, racist, etc..) it will be deleted. If you have further concerns, you can always drop us a line through the Contact Us page. We will do everything in our hands to keep the website going in good spirit!

Q: Where can I get Thank Your Wank merchandise?
A: has created a line of TYW Official Merchandise only available on our website. We have t-shirts, hoodies and underwear, for both guys and gals available in a variety of sizes! If you wish to order something, please click on the Wank Shop and access the store that is closer to your area: US or Europe. Remember, by choosing the store closer to your address, you will save on shipping costs!

Q: I don’t want to be a part of! How the hell do I delete myself from this thing?
A: We’ll be sad not to have you with us. If you wish to delete your Wank Account, you must be the owner of the Facebook profile linked to the Wank Account in question. To delete your account, log in and then in your settings simply click “Close My Wank Account”. Whenever you change your mind, log in again and your profile will be active once more!

Q: What is the URL?
A: We thought we'd make it easier for you to promote your Wankee page. By choosing a URL you are an instant Wank Star! You can choose any URL you like (as long as it's available). The link will point to your wankee profile page. Share it to stack up your wank balance. Soon, we will also have customized merchandise with your URL. How cool is that?! ;)

Q: What is a Wank Battle?
A: Two Wankees will duel to the very end! Every week we will feature 2 people (they could be regular folks or celebrities) in our Wank Battle. During a 7 day period, all Wankers will be able to +1 the Wankee they think has more wank-appeal. It's naughty and it's fun! So vote right away, let the battle commence!

Q: How can I sign up for a Wank Battle?
A: Anyone can signup for a wank battle. Simply login to your account and once you're on your account details page, click "Put me in Wank Battles" to the left, below your profile picture. This will put you in our pool of worthy adversaries. If you would like to battle someone specific, drop us a line either via email, facebook or twitter and we'll consider it. If at any point of time you change your mind about participating (basically you turn into a pussy..) then you can simply click "No wank battles for me!" on your profile.

Q: I think Thank Your Wank is awesome! What can I do to help promote it?
A: If you like the concept, share it with your friends! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for regular updates. Our followers will get priority when it comes to competitions, discounts on our official merchandise, and goodie give-aways. Use the share buttons on our pages to spread the love and if you have any comments, please feel free to get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or through the Contact Us page. You can also purchase and proudly wear our official merchandise, to help spread the word! If you would like to tattoo Thank Your Wank on your butt we won't object to that either! ;)

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