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This privacy policy for the website addresses any issues related to our users’ privacy.

E-mail Address Privacy

- When the user logs in through Facebook, requests access to your email address

- We believe e-mail privacy is a very seriousl matter and will never release our users’ email addresses to anyone outside of

- will send a welcome e-mail explaining the features of the website at the time of your first log in though Facebook

- Users can opt in for e-mail services, such as Instant Mutual Wank Alert or Weekly Updates on My Wank Balance. Apart from the services the user signs up for, we will not send you unsolicited or bulk emails. All email services are opt-in by nature and you can opt-out at any time you wish by adjusting your settings in your Wank Account.

Your Profile, Your Privacy

- If you wish to delete your profile from this website. Please log in through facebook, and access your account by clicking "My Wank Account" above. In this section you will be able to delete your presence from this website if you do not wish to be included. Just click on the "Close my account" link on the page.

Allow / Block Comments on your Profile / Wank Account

By default, the possibility of leaving a comment on a Wanke’s Profile is disabled. The rightful owner of the account can enable this option when they first log in (or at any time afterwards..). The relevant setting is available on your wankee account page.

Wank Stars / Wall of Wanks

If your Wank Account is active, you are automatically eligible to show up in the sections Wank Stars and Wall of Wanks. The only way of avoiding this is by cancelling your Wank Account and terminating your activities on This option can be revoked at any time.

The Wank Shop

Our online stores are operated with Speadshirt ( for US region and for EU region). All terms & conditions for purchases through these stores are valid as per terms & conditions stated by Spreadshirt on their websites.

Tracking Cookies

The only cookies we use are to log you into the site and make the site usable for you. We do not track anything else.

Privacy Policy Changes reserves the right to change its’ Privacy Policy at any time without prior notification. Any change made is applicable once it is updated on this Privacy Policy page.

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